BAB bloggers join Leslie Sbrocco on set of This Week in Northern CA

Bay Area Bites bloggers, Michael Procopio and Stephanie Rosenbaum join Leslie Sbrocco, host of Check, Please! Bay Area in a new local food and wine segment on This Week in Northern California. This week, the conversation is about restaurants and the recession and underground food markets.


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On the set of This Week in Northern CA taping the new Food and Wine segment

  • Raul

    I watched this episode, it was fun. Where I come from (Mexico) we have a big street food culture, and I’m not talking just about tacos. One of my best meals I had on the street was a fresh abalone salad, served with cucumbers, red onion and lime, in humble little corner stand in Sinaloa. I’m glad individually owned food trucks are catching up here in the US.

    On a complete unrelated note, I love “check please, Bay Area”. I’ve even toyed with the idea of applying for the show, but I’m afraid Leslie Sbrocco is going to point directly at my face. When I was growing up was told never to point at people, because it is rude and disrespectful, yet Leslie does it constantly. Maybe it is a cultural thing….

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