Crawfish Po’ Boy with Remoulade Sauce (mind you, that’s just a half order)

When I first visited New Orleans as a young and adventurous 21-year-old (with nine other young and adventurous 21-year-olds), it was under the incredible hospitality of the generous Miss Dawn. Like a good southern hostess, Miss Dawn kept us well-fed, full of hearty, delicious, filling sustenance that would provide the proper base for a night of revelry.

Two memorable meals from our time there was the epic crawfish boil she set up our first night in, and the constant supply of po’ boy makings she kept on hand for 1 pm breakfasts…5 pm snacks…and 4 am nightcaps. Piles of roast beef, fresh French bread, and dressed to the nines.

As soon as I saw the menu at Yats, I was brought back to sultry nights of sucking crawfish out of the shell and feasting on the ubiquitous po’ boy.

Yats, San Francisco

In case you’re wondering about this order window with the sign “Yats” pointing to it, well, that’s it. Yats is actually, brilliantly, located inside Jack’s Club, an homage to the divey friendly bars of New Orleans.

NOLA Fries: thick-cut steak fries showered in parmesan cheese, salt and pepper

The humble establishment makes good use of its well-loved deep fryer. Cue specimen A: NOLA Fries. Thick, golden, wedges of starchy goodness, dusted in a snowfall of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. These huge steak fries are crispy on the outside, nice and soft on the inside.

You may be overwhelmed when you see the lengthy selection of Famous Po’ Boys on the menu. I don’t mean to be bossy, but get the Crawfish with Remoulade, and ask for extra sauce! Succulent bits of crawfish meat, coated in a crunchy cornmeal crust, and stuffed inside a loaf of fresh French bread with a soft airy center, and crispy flaky crust. And, you should probably get the whole foot-long. Trust me.


You will also want to complement your sandwich lovin’ with a side of Mac-n-Cheese. Quite possibly the best in SF. Do I have any challengers? This mac-n-cheese is no joke. Creamy and rich with a little coarse-grained mustard thrown in. Pure comfort food.

Yats takes bar food to a whole new level. The only down side is that the hours are a little tricky for a weekday visit unless you work in the neighborhood. Otherwise, your Saturday afternoon may have just found a new best friend.

By the way, if it’s an authentic crawfish boil you seek, Yats is celebrating its One Year Anniversary with a Crawfish Boil this Saturday, May 16th, noon – 5 pm.

(Inside Jack’s Club)
2545 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Open Mon-Thurs, 11 am – 4 pm; Fri, 11 am – 8 pm; Sat, 11 am – 6 pm

Yats: New Orleans Po’ Boys 9 May,2009Stephanie Hua

  • Jinxie

    “By the way, if it’s an authentic crawfish boil you seek, Yats is celebrating its One Year Anniversary with a Crawfish Boil this Saturday, May 16th, noon – 5 pm.”

    Dangit, I was so excited about the Crawfish Boil thing until my boyfriend pointed out to me that Saturday, May 16 has already happened. Is the date in the post wrong [Please tell me it is, and I still have a Crawfish Boil to look forward to!], or did this just get put up later than you’d planned?

  • Hey there Jinxie, so sorry for the mix up! This post was supposed to have been posted last week. Unfortunately, the crawfish boil has passed, but def still check this spot out and try the crawfish po boy! sorry again 🙁 i’ll keep my eye out for any other CB’s i hear of!

  • Hi Jinxie, i just got a hot tip from Foodbuzz! Front Porch is hosting a Memorial Day Weekend Crawfish Boil Sunday, May 24th from 1 to 4. Check out what their new chef Michael Law has cookin 🙂

  • Jinxie

    Oh, thanks Stephanie! The Front Porch news definitely makes up for missing out on the Yats boil. Will try to make it down to FP on Sunday, and I’m still dying to try out Yats for myself.

  • awesome! do it!!


Stephanie Hua

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Stephanie has been known to choose her company based on how much they can pack it down. Ability to endure cramped quarters, sketchy back alleys, and uncharted paths to seek out that special dish is also a plus in her book. If you fit the criteria, drop a note. You’ll probably get along just fine.

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