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Eating Out in the Bay Area
The San Francisco Chronicle just released its annual list of the Bay Area’s 100 Top Restaurants. We’ll talk about the new list with restaurant critic Michael Bauer. We’ll also talk with food writer Marcia Gagliardi and Zagat editor Meesha Halm about some of the area’s better budget deals, and look at the relevancy of restaurant criticism in the era of blogs and Yelp.

Host: Michael Krasny

Marcia Gagliardi, freelance food writer and author of the e-column “The Tablehopper.”

Michael Bauer, executive food and wine editor and restaurant critic for The San Francisco Chronicle. Bauer writes SFGate’s food blog: Between Meals.

Meesha Halm, local editor of the Zagat Bay Area Restaurant Guide

  • Inger m Lindholm

    The bicycle issue to me seems one of attitude between the cylists and the cars. Everyone welcomes less polution. Shopping downtown does not require a car. However, it seems scary with the aggressiveness of the cyclists when you have to use a car. Montreal does a great job of mutual watching out for each other with respect.

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