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Aired on KQED 88.5FM Mon, Nov 26, 2008 — 9:00 AM

For some, taking a multivitamin is as much a routine as combing one’s hair or brushing one’s teeth. But are these pills effective or even necessary? Are they really the foundation of a healthy diet or just another gimmick? This hour on Forum we talk vitamins.

Host: Dave Iverson

Bruce Ames, professor emeritus of biochemistry at UC Berkeley
Candy Tsourounis, professor of Clinical Pharmacy at UCSF, School of Pharmacy
Leah Vachani, nutrition consultant at Elephant Pharm

  • Josh Oletto

    I have rarely heard such a poorly informed host try to conduct a conversation about this topic. Not only did he seem woefully informed. He seemed intent on interrupting his guests’ attempts to answer his silly questions.

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