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Slow Food Nation
This Labor Day weekend San Francisco will host Slow Food Nation — a four day gathering to promote sustainable and healthy food. We talk with organizers and experts in the slow food movement, exploring the connection between our plates and the planet.

Host: Michael Krasny

Read Amy Sherman’s Event post about Slow Food Nation.

  • Eddie Gehman Kohan


    True Slow believers would be very interested in hearing about how Slow Food Nation leadership squares festival sponsorship by Whole Foods Market with true activist changes in food and agriculture. Whole Foods, with their repeated recalls and lawsuits for both food poisonings and mislabeling products, as well as their Federal Trade Commission suit/SEC investigation, their dependence on global and/or conventionally grown products, union busting, ETC, seems like the wrong choice for such a terrific festival. Whole Foods as a corporation violates most of the points of the Declaration For Healthy Food And Agriculture. What are the Food Theorists thinking?


  • Amy

    I’m no Whole Foods apologist, but they have responded to criticism and engaged with their critics. Is there an organization with deep pockets you would have preferred to see as a sponsor?

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