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Grab your bottles of California white Burgundy, we might be back on the crab in time for Christmas.

San Francisco City Planning Commissioners want to ban drunk pizza munching on Broadway.

Get a free gingerbread house kit when you sign your family up for a membership to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, then enter your edible edifice in the 12th Annual Gingerbread Architecture Extravaganza.


Are you ready for another new season of Top Chef? Yeah, me neither. How about just a Holiday special, featuring some of your favorite and loudest cheftestants?

It’s long past Halloween, but those crazy Canadians are still scaring their fellow Canucks silly with a slew of workplace PSAs. The one below concerns kitchen safety. WARNING: This video is graphic, intensely disturbing, which, of course, makes it highly effective.

  • shuna fish lydon

    Wow Stephanie, that little snippet of a video is awful, you’re right. I don’t know what a PSA is but I have seen accidents like this.

    In fact I just gave a talking to all of the staff at my job because we have an in and an out door and people are quite lazy about following the rules.

    I said that no one need worry because the restaurant/ worker’s comp will pay for all hospital bills but that I’ve seen too many people leave restaurants in ambulances and it’s the worst way to end employment.

  • weegee

    That video is truly nasty! There is something really sick and slightly humorous about her knowing her impending fate…

  • Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

    PSA = Public Service Announcement, like “this is your brain on drugs and don’t you want an omelet now?”

    The other PSAs (all workplace safety things in various workplaces) that Prevent-It did for Canadian television can be seen on YouTube. They also have some very effective ones about domestic violence.

    Apparently, Canada is known for these sort of shocking PSAs that gave friends of mine nightmares in their Canadian childhood.

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