This post today is going to consist of several tidbits that I have to report — all a bit too small to warrant individual posts.

King Corn Challenge. Meghan published an interview with Aaron Woolf, the director of the movie King Corn. Curt Ellis from the movie is taking a challenge which involves not eating any corn products for the month of November. He’s challenged others to take the challenge as well, and so far six brave souls are joining him. This would be difficult for me (as I’m eating a corn tortilla as I type) especially because it would basically eliminate eating any meat products at restaurants apart from a few specialized restaurants featuring grass-fed beef, but I certainly admire those who are trying it. Learn more about the challenge at Culinate.

100-Mile Thanksgiving. If you’re interested in taking a one-day Eat Local Challenge, check out the 100-mile Thanksgiving Challenge that is being hosted by Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon, authors of the book Plenty. I’ll be participating to the extent that I can, taking local dishes to my family’s potluck Thanksgiving dinner.

De Afghanan Kabob. It was a sad day when one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, Meditteranean Spirit on Polk street, closed in September. Happily, the restaurant has been replaced by a Fremont favorite called De Afghanan Kabob House. I can’t give a full restaurant review as I’ve only tried a couple of things on the menu, but the entrees I’ve eaten have been delicious. De Afghanan’s specialty is their Chapali Kabob — an Afghani dish that is made of ground beef, green onions and spices. De Afghanan makes a delicious rendition and the restaurant is worth stopping in if you are in the neighborhood. Entrees are around $10. De Afghanan Kabob, 1303 Polk Street (at Bush), 415-345-9947.

Redwood Hill Crottin. Congratulations to the local cheesemakers at American Dairy Goat Association. Redwood Hill’s Crottin cheese was the award winner (via Serious Eats).

Photo by the author. Capay Canyon Ranch (pdf) almonds, currently available at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market (Saturdays).

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