There is very little that needs to be said about Posh Nosh. It speaks for itself.

Earlier this week, I was dining with friends at the most expensive restaurant in the universe when the topic of Posh Nosh came up. I had to fess up to my ignorance regarding the show, but I was intrigued.

Twelve or so courses of food and a one-hour-and-twenty-minute car ride later, I made my way back to my much loved computer and searched YouTube for anything I could find on the programme.


I may be the last person on earth to have heard of Posh Nosh but, if I am able to bring this laser-sharp beacon of light into anyone’s awareness, mine will have been a life worth living.

Do yourself a favor. Take the time to watch this episode.

Must See TV: Posh Nosh 22 December,2008Michael Procopio

  • Catherine Nash

    Oh. My. God. Brilliant! Thank you for bringing this morsel of British culture into my world. I will never be the same.

  • wendygee

    chocolate David….yummy!

  • heroldova

    hillarious! must rush out and buy some starkling water…

  • jeanne bee

    more I say I want some more please!

  • Smix

    I heard about Posh Nosh for the first time last Wednesday. So I think you might be the second-to-last person to hear about it šŸ™‚

    “Join us next week, when we taunt an aubergine.”


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