Le Pre Verre is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Paris. I recommend it to anyone who will listen, and even those who won’t. Unassumingly self-characterized as a “bar au vin” or wine bar, it is much more than that. The man behind the stove is Chef Philippe Delacourcelle who spent many years cooking throughout Asia. He incorporates all their deep spices – I refuse to call it “fusion” because, like the bar au vin, it is so much more – into his traditional French cuisine with spectacular results. Cinnamon and star anise tend to play, appropriately enough, starring roles.

This bar au vin, in true French fashion, has a stellar wine list ranging from a cheap and cheerful Languedoc village wine to a bank-breaking Hermitage, star of the Rhone Valley, and everything in between. My friend Katie from St. Helena, who is a veritable encyclopedia of wine, was in town so off to Le Pre Verre we went. I let her chose the wine :)

Le menu…

Soupe d’oignons doux et chorizo emulsionne – Sweet onion soup with chorizo emulsion

Cochon de lait aux epices et chou croquant Pork in a milk-spice sauce with cabbage

Lieu jaune au bois de cassia, puree fumee – Lieu Jaune cooked in cinnamon with smoked potato puree

Riz au lait, persil et cachuetes – Tapioca with parsley jus, parsley ice cream, and peanuts

Truffade de chocolate, melasse glacee – Chocolate truffle torte, ice cream and creme anglaise

And for the wine…

Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Petite Chapelle” 2000 Trapet

If you find yourself in France this summer, there is a huge food event, Grand Fooding d’Ete 2007, nicknamed “Le Fooding”, not to be confused with Le Sportsac, with a very disturbing logo of contorted tongues. Held throughout the summer in Toulouse, Vitry sur Seine, Marseille, and Lyon, Le Fooding features top chefs from all over France. Joining Chef Delacourcelle on June 10th in Vitry sur Seine is Alain Passard of L’Arpege and Frederic Anton of Le Pre Catelan. Christine Ferber, of confiture fame, will also be there serving dessert.

Bon appetit!

Le Pre Verre
Chef Philippe Delacourcelle
8 rue Thenard
75005 Paris
+33 (0)1 43 54 59 47
Metro: Maubert Mutualite (#10)
Entree + Plat + Dessert – 25,60 euros or about $35

  • Anonymous

    bar à vins, or coq au vin, but not bar au vin. Sounds like a good tip nonetheless. They have a web site: http://lepreverre.com/

  • cucina testa rossa

    thanks for the french lesson. when i start spelling “wine bar” wrong, you know i’ve been in the US too long. another reason to get back to paris asap. didn’t know they had a web site. those bizarre looking creatures on the home page of the web site are scattered throughout his book “cuisine et influences” making it quite an interesting read.

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