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1) Jardiniere: | restaurant information | reviews | recipe

2) Esperpento: | restaurant information | reviews

3) Trattoria La Siciliana: | restaurant information | reviews | recipe

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This season, Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic will be blogging about what happens behind-the-scenes during the making of Check, Please! Bay Area.

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Check, Please! Bay Area: Season 2: Episode 12 7 August,2008Wendy Goodfriend

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    I happened upon this episode this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see two of my local favorites featured. In fact, I’ve been debating eating at Jardiniere for my upcoming birthday dinner in a few weeks and was just tossing the idea around when the show aired.

    I’ve got a brief review of the restaurant up as part of my post about the SF Opera (since Jardiniere is popular with the post theater crowd due to its proximity to the opera/ballet/symphony).

    My husband and I are vegetarians and have always enjoyed our meal, and never felt deprived of good options, at both Jardiniere and Trattoria La Sicilliana (which we’ve geen going to since long before it became insanely busy–or has it always been that way and I just didn’t notice)?

    Both are great places for celebrations and the food will speak for itself. I can see why these two eateries were featured on the show. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. In fact we often choose one of these restaurants for our own special occasions and dinners out with guests.

    Now that that episode aired, these already in-demand restaurants might become even more popular. As it is, the line is often out the door at both spots. As long as I can get into Jardiniere for my birthday, though, I won’t mind!


Wendy Goodfriend

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