On Friday, March 23, The California Report discussed the Farm Bill.

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Host: Scott Shafer

Farm Bill Changes To Be a Lesson in Cascading Consequences
Every few years Congress tinkers with the Farm Bill, which determines how much federal money farmers get to subsidize their crops — and a whole lot more. Host Scott Shafer talks to with author Dan Imhoff about his new book “Food Fight: A Citizen’s Guide to the Food and Farm Bill.

Organic Farmers Want a Place at the Farm Bill Table
California farmers grow more fruit and vegetables than growers in any other state, but when it comes to the Farm Bill, they’re pretty much left out in the cold. Legislation introduced this week by Central Valley Congressman Dennis Cardoza aims to change that by redirecting federal dollars to marketing and research for fresh produce. But some of the state’s organic farmers are saying “what about us?”

Reporter: Sasha Khokha

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