I wanted to share with everyone the project I’ve been working on for the last few months: the online food magazine CHOW, which officially launched on Friday. (By “officially,” I mean publicly; it’s been open in beta for about three weeks.)

Some of you may remember CHOW as a print magazine. Oddly enough, in today’s New York Times CHOW’s demise was revisited — alongside that of Teen People. CHOW ceased publication last year, went online, and was bought by CNET Networks this spring. CNET was smart: they brought over pretty much the entire editorial team, led by Jane Goldman. It’s a great group of people, and I’m so happy to be part of it.

I could say a lot more, but I won’t — because you should really just go and visit the site. We have great stuff planned — not all our big features have been rolled out yet. Being online allows for so much creativity and flexibility, and we’ve got a sharp group of engineers building it all. And for content, we’ve got a pretty strong lineup (if I do say so myself). We’ll be posting new stories and recipes daily, and our blog, the Grinder, is updated often. You may even notice a few familiar names among our contributors.

Check out the new CHOW 17 September,2006Bay Area Bites

  • allyson quibell

    Davina, congrats on the official launch!

    I’m a local writer, editor, recipe clipper, food blog junkie, and avid home cook. I would appreciate a chance to talk to you about editorial opportunites at CHOW. Thanks in advance for your time. (aquibell@yahoo.com)

  • Scott at Real Epicurean

    It’s certainly a very impressive looking site, capturing professionalism while managing to look interesting too.

    I’ll be interested to see how it develops.


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