Seems that August is the time for Bay Area food bloggers to go on vacation!

Tea went to Cortes Island.
Pim and Brett both went to Spain.
I’m in Massachusetts.
Fatemeh’s in Philadelphia (albeit for work).
Jeanne went to the Cape.
Hedonia’s in Puerto Vallarta.

For everyone who’s still at home, Sam has a great recipe for Amaretti.

A while back I got it into my head that I wanted to make Amaretti. Searching online for information I came across the family Amaretti recipe much treasured by Ivonne of one of my favourite blogs, Cream Puffs in Venice.

So I made a version of Ivonne’s mother’s cookies, without the nut topping, and I took them to a party, where they were quickly and happily devoured. And I might have left it at that, BUT, it had too much almond extract for my taste and I wasn’t quite happy with the regular baker’s sugar I had used to roll the cookies in. So I decided to try again.

The Hungry Hedonist has a series covering the Wine Country. Read about Bouchon Bakery, The French Laundry, Redd, Dean & Deluca, CIA, Downtown Bakery, and Pizzeria Pico.

Though the food coma from lunch had yet to kick in, we already felt like passing out. Some of it was due to the rising valley temperatures outside, but we were really dying from laughter. We had just passed for a couple of cougars from the city celebrating a birthday in Napa and harbored no qualms about our geriatric front. We were a couple of fools high on life.

  • Sean

    Hopefully the other food bloggers didn’t encounter gastric distress on their respective journeys! Buen provecho todos…

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