Can’t get enough of Bay Area Bites blogger Stephanie? Read her Top Chef recaps at Television without Pity. Though the show began in March, it’s still fun to read the recaps about this Bravo chef competition based in San Francisco.

Next day, it’s the Elimination Challenge and — oh, hello, Golden Gate and Painted Ladies! I totally live across the park from those Full Houses. Ew! Ew! EW! They show two guys in succession riding those stupid Segways down Market Street. As a San Franciscan, I object, because I rarely see those Segweirdoes. Maybe once every three months, but certainly not two riders in a row! Unless you’re Gob Bluth with flowing, flappy trousers, it’s just not cool. The chefs arrive at Bryan’s on California to do a little grocery shopping. Let me tell you something about Bryan’s of Laurel Heights. It’s not all that. It’s overpriced food for bejeweled and benailed women who carry around clutch dogs in their sun-damaged hands.

Brett at In Praise of Sardines has started a great series chronicling his attempt to open a new restaurant in San Francisco. Read the Wild Ride series here.

What is my experience of using online ads to hunt for a restaurant business to buy?

Imagine yourself blindfolded and standing in the middle of an airport hangar. Along one wall is the picture of a donkey upon whose derriere you wish to pin a tail. You spin around 5 times and go. Good luck.

Imagine you are looking for an apartment (or a house for that matter) and all the ads read “apartment in San Francisco, $1,500 – 2,000 per month” with no other details, not the number of bedrooms, not the address, not even the neighborhood. Get the idea?

The Ethicurean is a really wonderful new blog focusing on farms and ethical eating. This week, they talk about a tour of Redwood Hill Dairy. Read their posts in three parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

One of us had the bad manners to ask Scott whether he’d ever eaten goat meat. He was pretty offended. “No way! I couldn’t. They’re my friends — I know all their names,” he said. However, Redwood Hill also raises some poultry. “I eat those meat chickens. I don’t mind that — they have no personality.” By contrast, some of Scott’s goat ladies won’t get down off the milking platform unless he gives them a kiss. “Those are the ones that we have to find pet homes for.I would never let them go to auction.”

And other quick links from around the Bay: Knife’s Edge has great news, Fatemeh reviews Tacubaya, Derrick reviews the new book Kitchen Sense, Jack and Joanne review Manzanita, Biggles makes me hungry, Culinary Muse reviews Big Nates BBQ, and Hungry Hedonist reviews Delfina.

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