“Links around the Bay” is an occasional series discussing events and interesting blog posts in the Bay Area.

The Japan Society is hosting an event at Medicine with Elizabeth Andoh, author of “Washoku: Recipes From the Japanese Home Kitchen” (Ten Speed Press). We bought this book in January and it has quickly become a favorite in our home. The event will be a multi-course dinner at Medicine along with a lecture by Ms. Andoh. Event Date: March 23.
Buy tickets from the Japan Society webpage.

June Taylor is teaching a marmalade making class!
More info on her site.
(via Mighty Foods)

UC Berkeley is hosting a Spring Lecture Series about Food Politics. The lectures are each Wednesday at 4 pm on campus. For more info, check out my post on Life Begins at 30.

Here are some interesting blog posts from Bay Area Bloggers:

Joy has a very entertaining post about Eccolo, an Italian restaurant on 4th Street in Berkeley. (Confessions of a Restaurant Whore)

It used to be that when you paid a visit to the parking hell known as Fourth Street in Berkeley, you had two decent dining options: Cafe Rouge and O Chame. Now this is great if you’ve got a severe meat jones going on (Cafe Rouge) or if you want Udon that will transport your soul to a plane of bliss (O Chame) but not so great if you’re not feeling particularly carnivorous or noodle-ous. That all changed when Eccolo came to town.

The Finicky Lawyer gives us the “411 on (415)”. (415) is the new restaurant at the Jewish Community Center that I have been interested in trying. (The Finicky Lawyer)

Although open barely two weeks, (415) Lounge is already showing the marks of a see-and-be-scene spot, along the lines of G Bar and Matrix Fillmore. The decor, with sumptuous red walls, black tables and chairs, and tiger print painted concrete floor, is lavish enough to forgive the kitschy Asian motif if you overlook the faux Asian lettering of “(415),” emblazened on the sign outside and on the menu– just in case you can’t tell that this is supposed to be an Asian-influenced bar and restaurant.

Cookiecrumb made salt! If you read the Eat Local Challenge posts last August, you may remember that Cookiecrumb had a failed attempt at salt making. Six months later, she and “Cranky” successfully made local salt from the sea. (I’m Mad and I Eat)

OK, maybe not fleur de sel, but definitely Sodium of the Sea. It has a slight beige hue, is still a bit moist (I stopped the boiling before it got bone dry), and clumps in lovely little flakes. It tastes like salt. I’m very proud.

Links around the Bay 28 February,2006Jennifer Maiser

  • Tana Butler

    Nice round-up, Jen!

  • cookiecrumb

    This is great, Jen. So nice to have somebody do the work for us.
    (Oh, and thanks for the mention!)

  • robbie

    I’ve made salt before too. It’s really not that hard to do and its flavor is so much more complex than store-bought stuff. It’s cheap to make and all you really need is a bit of time and a lot of water.


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