I would have assumed, 10 days into the New Year, that most food bloggers would be in a bit of a slump – hungover from the gluttony of the holidays, and tired of talking about food. Wow, was I wrong.

Local blogger Butter Pig celebrated his 40th birthday by inviting 40 people to dinner and cooking them 20 dishes. You can see the menu and start reading with his terrine of foie gras. My favorite part was seeing his 4-page long prep list to organize the meal. Amazing!

Catherine from Food Musings has a review of the new restaurant Yuzu, in the Marina which has caused me to put this restaurant on my short-list of restaurants to try. Yuzu is in the old Chaz space at 3347 Fillmore Street.

San Francisco restaurant and bathroom reviewer bunrab takes us on a thorough and detailed tour of the SF Ferry Building. I am going to be sending this link out to any visitors when they ask me for recommendations. A fun read.

If you’re feeling like staying home and being productive, try Sam’s recipe for homemade ricotta. It looks easy enough, but I’m hoping I can convince her to make me some herself!

Another dish I am going to be trying to make soon is garlicky mung beans, as outlined by local vegan, Rae. I have always been curious about these beans, and am looking for some more variety with our low fat diet.

If you’re like me and listen to a lot of podcasts, be sure to subscribe to the Nosheteria podcast put together by a local food blogger. It’s succinct and entertaining and always gets my creative food thoughts going.

Finally, World on a Plate has a round-up of Food Trends for 2006. Big hotel breakfasts and superfoods are in.

Happy reading, everyone!

Links around the Bay 10 January,2006Jennifer Maiser

  • Sam

    you *might* be able to persuade me to make you some ricotta.

  • rae

    dude (oh my god, did i just say dude?!!) i hear you on the low-fat diet thing. sadly enough santa didn’t bring rae any elastic-waist-banded pants for christmas so i will be doing a lot more with low fat recipes going into the new year. in fact i’m soaking up some french lentils right now…


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