Chef David Kinch and General Manager Michael Kean were in London last month to receive an award for #38 of the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants.” My friend Maggie was on hand for this spectacular event and upon hearing I was headed back to SF made me promise to dine at Manresa. So upon my arrival in San Francisco: step 1: rent car, step 2: make reservations at Manresa. Last night was the opening of their outdoor patio dining and their Modernista tasting menu. We started with a Cava (sparkling wine from Spain), Sherry and orange twist aperitif served with gougeres and from there we put ourselves into the hands of the very talented chef and his food and wine tasting menu.

Country-style Pate & Homemade Pickles

Marrow Bean Soup with Slow Cooked Egg

Moules & Frites with White Wine, Parsley & Garlic

Roast Snapper Catalan-style with Potatoes & Mushrooms

Slow-cooked Pork Shoulder in an Egg Sauce
with Tripe Stew and a HUGE CARROT

Almond Torte with Stewed Cherries and Chantilly

320 Village Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Tasting Menu : $75
Wine Pairing : $56

  • Anonymous

    Had dinner there last night (wife’s birthday) – fabulous

    also, the pricing is determined daily (unless you got the 4 course maybe?) on Friday it was $98 + $65 for wine pairings

    worth every penny (which I’d have laughed at before I ate the food)

  • David Kinch

    Actually I WAS there and had a wonderful chat with Maggie and all her friends. We had a great time… If we are open, I tend to be there.

  • rory berger

    I was at the modernista dinner as well (took my mom as a mother’s day gift). Dinner was excellent, I especially liked the snapper. I didn’t particularly care for the almond torte (my mom liked it a lot though), but the cherries on the side were incredible. How did you pack so much flavor into those little cherry halves??? Thanks for a great meal, I look forward to coming back for the full tasting menu soon.

  • Amy Sherman

    My mistake! I was under the impression the chef was out of town…sorry!

  • David Kinch

    no worries!
    come and see us sometime.

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