It has come to this blogger’s attention that Zero is sitting up and taking notice. Now, I can’t say this change came about because of my rant — wouldn’t that be lovely, though? — but I can’t ignore that a change is in the air over there. Yesterday a co-worker — out of sheer desperation to procure a salad for a pregnant friend — dropped by to pick up lunch. She came back to report that, although the wait was still a little on the long side, the Baby Spinach Salad with Duck Confit was quite tasty. Additionally, the cup of soup seemed to be feeling more on the optimistic side as it was no longer half-full.

Most impressive was what my co-worker returned with: a three-page customer feedback form. This form was copied and distributed around the office to the most vocal complainers (including yours truly, natch) and we all set to filling it out. It would apprear that the manager at Zero is taking this response form action herself in order to convince her boss of a few hard truths. Admirable, truly admirable.

Reportedly, they will also be getting a new pastry person, which means that I’m thinking we’ll have to send Kim on over there to do some serious scrutinizing and critical crunching. She was already pretty unimpressed simply by the looks of the pastry offerings the last time we were there. I think there was something in the shape of the croissants that really set her off.

Anyway, here’s hoping things really do start to improve, because I’m still sitting over here missing that lemon-dijon roasted chicken and the vinegar-y potato salad of my once-realized dreams.

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Stephanie Lucianovic

A former picky eater, Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic is a writer, editor, and lapsed cheesemonger in the San Francisco Bay Area. A culinary school grad with an English lit degree, she has written for,, Popular Science, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe. Additionally, she has been writing for KQED’s Bay Area Bites since its inception and is the website editor for KQED’s Emmy-award winning show “Check, Please! Bay Area.”

Stephanie was an original recapper at Television Without Pity and worked on a line of cookbooks for William-Sonoma as well as in the back kitchen of a Jacques Pépin cooking show. Her first book, SUFFERING SUCCOTASH: A Picky Eater’s Quest To Understand Why We Hate the Foods We Hate (Perigee Books, 2012) is a non-fiction narrative and a heartfelt and humorous exposé on the inner lives of picky eaters that Scientific American called “hilarious” and “the perfect popular science book for a reader that doesn’t think he or she wants to read a popular science book.”

Stephanie lives in Menlo Park with her husband, three-year-old son, assorted cats, and has been blogging at The Grub Report for over a decade.

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