So let’s say you’ve got friends in town and you want to take them somewhere “San Francisco”. Short on time, money and lacking any semblance of planning ahead? Don’t worry, you’re covered as the latest trend in San Francisco dining seems to be spin-offs of well-established restaurants or second smaller ventures by well-established chefs. Now for under 10 bucks you can get a lunch-on-the-go brought to you by some of the best chefs around town.

Here are some top picks all to be found at the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace (you were planning on taking your guests there anyway, right?):

1. LuLu Petite is an off-shoot of Restaurant LuLu
Try the crispy chicken sandwich with romaine lettuce Roma tomato, honey and LuLu’s mustard with herb de Provence on a ciabatta roll $7.95

2. Mijita is the Cocina Mexicana brought to you by chef Traci Des Jardin of the top-rated restaurant Jardinere . Here she serves up tacos under $5 each or Albondigas meatball soup for $4.

3. The most recent entry in this category is Out The Door the baby brother to the acclaimed Slanted Door . You can’t go wrong with any of the soups such as the Wonton egg noodle or the Hanoi beef noodle soup $7.50, but my personal pick would be the divine Grapefruit and jicama salad $7.00, with toasted nuts and fresh herbs this light refreshing salad is perfect for lunch.

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