Cartoon Style with Sirron Norris

Murals by Sirron Norris can be found throughout San Francisco. Whether brightening up restaurant walls, roll-up doors of local businesses, or in the city’s famed Balmy Alley, his cartoon-style is instantly recognizable and loved by children of all ages. We stopped by his studio and gallery space in the Mission to uncover his inspirations and learn how to draw our own cartoons. Norris is also a commercial artist and his artwork can be seen on the animated Fox TV series, Bob’s Burgers. Check out this interview where Norris discusses his influences, cartooning, teaching, and the business of commercial art.

Norris showed us how to draw cartoon faces with different emotions and perspectives. While these videos were made with a youth audience in mind, we know there are some lifelong art students out there who will have fun following along.

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