Lizzy Acker

Lizzy Acker is a fiction writer whose first book, Monster Party, was released in December 2010 by Small Desk Press. Her work has been published in Nano Fiction, We Who Are About To Die and Tramp Quarterly, among others. She was the co-creator/curator of the San Francisco reading series Funny/Sexy/Sad. She blogs regularly at is from Oregon, but now lives in San Francisco where she recently received her MFA from San Francisco State University. Currently, she writes status updates and processes member donations for KQED and is a contributing blogger to KQED Arts.

I Had So Much Fun At Burning Man

If I am honest about my main motivations for doing pretty much anything, I would have to say they are: boys and having a good story to tell. While some people might think these motivations are a little shallow, they have always kept my life interesting and always made me more fun at parties than … Continue reading I Had So Much Fun At Burning Man →

We Had So Much Fun While You Were At Burning Man

The week/weekend before Labor Day is a special time in San Francisco. It begins with a large number of citizens leaving for the desert in Nevada, creating what is sometimes referred to as #burningmanrapture. ("Burning Man Rapture" if you don't read hashtag).