Win: Tickets to ‘Pop Culture Happy Hour’ in San Francisco!

From Pines to Palms, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour crew is venturing down the Bay Area! Host Linda Holmes, and panelists Stephen Thompson and Glen Weldon are bringing the podcast to San Francisco and breaking down which of the latest movies, books, TV and music are making them happy. ...read more

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Poet Eavan Boland Reflects on Dublin’s Influence

For Irish poet and Stanford professor Eavan Boland, Ireland is the home where she published her first book of poetry and raised her children. It's also the home where she witnessed the deadly car bombings of 1974 during the period known as The Troubles. Boland's latest collection, “A Poet's Dublin,” ...read more

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Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins is Back with ‘The Rain in Portugal’

Former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins has published multiple collections of poetry, from “The Art of Drowning” to “Aimless Love,” all of which showcase his signature mix of humor, depth and accessibility. Collins joins us to talk about his latest work, “The Rain in Portugal,” which uses his signature voice ...read more