Joel Selvin on ‘Rock’s Darkest Day’

The Altamont Free Concert, held 50 miles outside of San Francisco in 1969, featured the Rolling Stones, Santana and Jefferson Airplane and was billed as a “West Coast Woodstock.” But when the event turned violent and resulted in the death of four people, it “bookmarked the end of the 1960s,” ...read more

Rdio Was My Sound Salvation

The tactile experience of playing vinyl albums has been fetishized over and over, but a similar psychological attachment occurs with ethereal streaming services.

Speaking Up: The Power of Protest Poetry

The late poet Amiri Baraka once said, “I wrote poetry 'cause I always had something to say. Always.” Baraka's work is included in a new anthology, “Of Poetry and Protest: From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin,” alongside the verses of other poets tackling topics of racism and the killings of ...read more

New Jazz Releases Bring Brazil to California

All the excitement of the Summer Olympics in Rio got me thinking about the long history of Brazilian music in California. In the 1940s Carmen Miranda landed in Hollywood with her Bando da Lua and Brazilian music hit the pop charts the early 1960s, when Americans took to the ...read more