Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks is a KQED News online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix. A veteran blogger, he previously worked for Yahoo! in various news writing and editing roles. He was also the editor of, which documented user-generated content about the financial crisis and recession. Jon is also a playwright whose work has been produced in San Francisco, New York, Italy, and around the U.S. He has written about film for his own blog and studied film at Boston University. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College.
Still from Aberdeen

Find Out What’s New in Hong Kong Cinema

Now in its fourth year, the San Francisco Film Society's annual Hong Kong Cinema series brings a selection of the region's latest and greatest (and sometimes tasteless) to town for your viewing pleasure.


Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Greatest Movie No One Has Seen

While interviewing Ted Hope, CEO of the streaming movie site Fandor, former head of the San Francisco International Film Festival, and producer on a lot of great independent films, I had noticed his resume includes one of my all-time faves, Tom Noonan's What Happened Was..., and I mentioned how much I’d loved the picture. His reaction was an incredulous, “You saw it?”

At the Movies, No More Film

Economics has driven the movie industry to projecting as well as capturing images digitally. LA Weekly broke down the hard truth in dollars and cents in 2012: (Studios) no longer want to pay to physically print and ship movies. It costs about $1,500 to print one copy of a movie on 35mm film and ship … Continue reading At the Movies, No More Film →

Blu-ray Is ‘Better’

The introduction of high-definition Blu-ray discs to the home market has been a game-changer for some home projection enthusiasts. Blu-ray has a much higher maximum resolution than DVD and uses advanced compression technology to render more detailed images. Film print collectors have taken note. “It was clear from the beginning that DVD would never be … Continue reading Blu-ray Is ‘Better’ →