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Welcome to KQED Arts’ series, First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump, which serves to highlight the responses of artists and other creatives during the first hundred days of Donald Trump’s administration. From Jan. 20 to Apr. 29, we will publish a consistent stream of related content online as part of this effort.

With artists uniting around issues that the new president has promised to act upon within his first hundred days, such as immigration, the environment, women’s rights and health care, we want to help our audience think more deeply about what’s happening to our world and our democracy, and give the members of our community — artists and non-artists alike — a sense of purpose and hope.

If you’ve written a song or concerto about the latest immigration policy, made a short film about changes to the Environmental Protection Act, or created a poem, play, dance piece or visual art work about women’s rights at the dawn of a new era — or if you know of any such projects going on — we want to hear from you. Submit your project here.

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First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump 3 May,2017KQED Arts