The World Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

'The Luckiest Penguin,' BigPicture's grand prize winner. Photo: Paul Sauders.

The Academy of Sciences has already hosted comedians, DJs and live bands beneath its living roof, but until now, it had never presented a photography show. That changes with BigPicture, a major exhibition of images from the world’s best professional nature photographers. Originating with the wry question, “What on Earth have you photographed?,” the exhibit took shape as over 6,300 submissions poured in from all corners of the globe.

Photo: Steffen Binke (Steffen Binke)

The resulting exhibit not only collects the 45 finest submissions—including grand prize winner The Luckiest Penguin, by photographer Paul Souders—but adds elements of insight to each image from the Academy’s scientists, who explain in deeper detail the moments caught by the camera’s eye.

Photo: Alex Varani (Alex Varani)

With compelling photographs from 12 different countries around the globe, BigPicture truly brings together the best of the best, and is on view until Nov. 2.

The World Like You’ve Never Seen It Before 5 September,2014Gabe Meline


Gabe Meline

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