The San Francisco Bay Area has always been an easy target for those critical of liberal values and good times, but sometimes the shots taken at our hometown are right on the money and even locals have to laugh. A perfect example of this is the recently uploaded “Hitler tries to rent an apartment in San Francisco,” (see below) which took our newsroom by storm. This inspired us to look back at more of these funny videos that take the piss out of the Bay Area. Here are some of our favorites:

“Hitler tries to rent an apartment in San Francisco”

Sure, the Downfall meme has been done to death, but this take that centers on the Fuhrer trying to rent a $5,000-a-month “500 square-foot dump that smells like cat piss” is pure gold. The line about 25-pound dogs alone is worth the price of admission. There have been previous Bay Area-centric Hitlers that are worth noting, such as “Hitler Gentrifies Oakland,” but nothing tops the cruel dictator discussing his dream of living near his new Taqueria, “Hola Hitler.”

Bonus (for those in the art world): Hitler Learns MOCA Job Goes To Jeffrey Deitch

“Shit San Franciscans Say”

Another video meme from the days of yore: some really funny people took on the “Shit ____ Say” theme and applied it to San Francisco’s fresh crop of hipster residents. There are some decent jokes made about the high cost of living — “I can’t believe I bought a $10 doughnut” — but when they start laying into the new locals, it really picks up steam. (Though I bet I have a few friends that would be quite interested in a multi-vitamin suppository.)

Bonus (for those in the tech world): Shit Silicon Valley says

“I Hate California: San Francisco”

“Why does everyone need to be on drugs or have butt sex to be cool?” What an amazing question from comedienne Suzi Barrett, who kicked off her hilarious five-part video series for Funny or Die, I Hate California, with this enjoyable commentary on the city by the bay. She also brings up a wonderful question: are we sure that’s how “Haight” is supposed to be spelled?

Bonus: I Hate California: Wine Country


This hilarious parody of a tourism video from local comedy troupe Killing My Lobster certainly ruffled a lot of feathers when it was released back in 2009 with its uncompromising criticisms of the East Bay metropolis. But the jokes were solid, even though some of them now feel dated (do whistle tips still exist?). I really do hope that someday “Oaktown” is recognized for hosting some of thee slowest jay walkers in the world. They must have some kind of an award for that, right?

Bonus: Twilight Zone San Francisco: “Why Is Everybody Here?”

Did we miss one? Feel free to post your favorites in the comment section.

San Francisco’s ‘Downfall’ and Other Successful Bay Area Satirical Videos 3 July,2014Kevin L. Jones


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