Music Theory… or Why Some Songs Are So Good

The elements of music

We know major chords make us feel happy, and minor chords make us feel sad. But beyond that, there is so much more to the composition of a song; it’s a careful construction that can conjure up a variety of emotions, from anxiety to exuberance. So this episode, we’re diving into the theory behind the songs we love and finding out what makes them so good from a technical perspective. We decided to do this topic after reading the following articles about music criticism and composition. Check them out:

  1. Daily Beast article chastising the nature of music criticism
  2. Slate article using music theory to deconstruct Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

Track Listing:

  1. “Don’t Play With Guns” — Black Angels, Indigo Meadow
  2. “Blue Moon” — Beck, Morning Phase
  3. “About to Die” — Dirty Projectors, Swing Lo Magellan
  4. “Birthday Song” — Frankie Cosmos, Zentropy
  5. “Water Me” — FKA twigs, EP2
  6. “Broken Heart” — Dr. Dog, B-Room



Noise Pop

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