In 2012, ancient by Internet standards, we showcased a mixtape of local punk, post-punk and hardcore bands that featured terrific groups like Ceremony, Loma Prieta, Terry Malts, Wild Moth, and Synthetic ID. Since then, we’ve seen a number of promising new bands emerge — Scraper, Creative Adult, and others we’ve showcased on the podcast in the interim — but it felt like high time to do a deeper dive back into Bay Area punk.

This mix includes twenty-two Bay Area punk, post-punk and hardcore bands that we haven’t included in past podcast episodes. It’s a diverse and eclectic mix, from the poppy Joyride! to the searing Scalped, but it speaks to the continued vitality of local punk music. We didn’t originally intend for this mix to be this long; there’s just simply too much good stuff that’s been released in the past few years. Besides, it’s still under an hour — thank you, punk brevity.

Of special note: we’ve included a new song from Hard Girls‘ forthcoming album, A Thousand Surfaces, which arrives later this year on Asian Man Records. Also, there’s a demo from Male Gaze, a band that includes members of Mayyors, The Mall and Blasted Canyons, and one from The Down House, featuring individuals from Ceremony and No Sir. But that only scratches the surface — there’s a ton of great music in here.

Enjoy the mix!

Track Listing:

  1. Generation Loss — “Hostage”
  2. No Tongue — “Shop Talk”
  3. Never Young — “Full Body Mirror”
  4. Straight Crimes — “Almost Summer”
  5. Hard Girls — “Plan”
  6. Joyride! — “Shot In The Dark”
  7. Great Apes — “Yellow Ribbon (Live at Thee Parkside, 1/4/14)”
  8. Ritual Control — “Probability of Survival”
  9. Scalped — “Stranger”
  10. The New Flesh — “Being and Nothingness”
  11. Male Gaze — “Think Twice (Demo)”
  12. Know Secrets — “Know Secrets”
  13. Violence Creeps — “Amber Alert”
  14. Baus — “Modern Man”
  15. Wet Drag — “The Cream and the Clear”
  16. Nervous — “Satire About A Vampire”
  17. Provos — “The Troubles”
  18. Replica — “Strings”
  19. Void Boys — “Animal”
  20. Useless Eaters — “Hypertension”
  21. Crabapple — “All the Things”
  22. The Down House — “Bliss”
Mixtape: 22 Bay Area Punk Bands That’ll Spike Your Hair in 2014 17 April,2014The Bay Bridged

  • Jake

    one suggestion: put the time on the track when each track starts on here, so it’s easier to identify the ones we really like. Great mix!

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