The May 2008 edition of the Noise Pop New Music Podcast features 10 tracks of new independent and underground music. Hosted by Christopher Appelgren.

“We Both Go Down Together” by Colin Meloy, Sings Live
“Wreckless Epic” by Thee Makeout Party, Play Pretend
“Lemon Tree” by The Ian Fayes, Dylan’s Lost Days
“Big Mistake” by Tim Fite, Fair Ain’t Fair
“Doing Our Part” by The Carrots, Upcoming Elephant Records 7″
“Kensington Heights” by Constantines, Hard Feelings
“Gravestones & Christmas Trees” by Maybe It’s Reno
“Les Artistes” by Santogold
“The Arcs of Eagles End in Skeletons” by Desa, Routes To Rapture
“I Will Possess Your Heart (Extended Version)” by Death Cab for Cutie, Narrow Stairs

May 2008: Death Cab For Cutie, Colin Meloy, and more 19 May,2008KQED Arts

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