“Then They Came For Me” Now Open

Then They Came for Me examines the terrifying period in U.S. history when the government scapegoated and detained thousands of people of Japanese ancestry, two-thirds of whom were ...
Jan 18May 27
Building 100, The Presidio

Forum on the Road: Live from Napa

KQED Forum broadcasts live from downtown Napa! Friday host Mina Kim and guests will address the day’s news and take a look at concerns over growth in Napa, where new development ...
Apr 26
Jam Cellars Ballroom at Magrit Mondavi Theatre

The Bay Live

How do you make ends meet in the Bay Area? From soaring housing costs to wildfires, the distinct challenges that our corner of California faces make headlines. But KQED’s hi ...
Apr 26

Freakonomics Radio Live! in San Francisco

Stephen Dubner hosts an evening of smart, surprising, live journalism — with a star co-host, fascinating guests, and a real-time human fact-checker —  all wrapped in a gamesho ...
May 16
Nourse Theater